How do we select a describer?
Our selection process starts with a formal audition process after we put the word out. Then, we provide a standard written text and solicit audiotape or CD submissions. From these, we evaluate voice quality, clarity, and articulation. In addition to this, we also consider prior performing experiences, evaluate creative writing sample, and then select a group for training.

Descriptive Service for Visually Impaired 


A good describer starts with a well-crafted script that:

  • is based on Careful Prior Observation
  • is built around the actor's script
  • is interwoven with the actors' speaking & singing
  • timing is everything
  • dialogue is never overridden unless necessary to convey essential actions
  • it is honed to balance content with available timing


Done well, the preparation for the description of a show takes 40-50 hours. To do this, our process involves:

  • viewing the shows 3-5 times
  • critique performances
  • scripting for 8-15 hours
  • a planned showtime
  • final viewing & tuning-up
  • studying the script & soundtrack

A describer is a person who:

  • has a clear & pleasant voice
  • is articulate
  • is able to focus on essential elements in a complex visual field
  • has good observation skills
  • is verbally creative
  • is able to distill efficient verbal images
  • is dedicated and well-trained
  • is empathetic